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  Thank you for all your support!

We put our whole hearts and soul into this podcast, but also our time and money. Between us both, we put approximately 20-24 hours per week researching, interviewing, recording, editing, designing and producing and promoting each episode. Besides our hours, the monthly investment for producing the podcast is $200/month. This podcast is both our passion and our calling. We will continue to produce episodes as long as we are able to, so if you can, please help keep us on air!

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  Causes we support
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Safe Passage Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides resources, support and advocacy for youth raised in restrictive, isolated or high-demand communities, often referred to as "cults." Safe Passage is devoted to providing support for the immediate and long-term needs of former and current children raised in cults while raising public awareness of the issues confronting them.

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i-5 Freedom Network is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide Survivors of human trafficking life skills for a path forward and away from their former  life of human trafficking and to mobilize communities and corporations to join the fight to end human trafficking,

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  Networking and collaborating
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