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Motherhood is different for us...

It's not just the, thanks for helping me mom, thanks for cooking our meals mom, thanks for always being there for us mom.

We are the moms that escaped from an imprisoned life, just to save our children's lives.

We have gone through storms that most people can't imagine.

We are the moms whose first experience with unconditional love and protection was when we held our children for the first time.

We are the moms who never had the option of building roots for our children.

We have watched our children struggle, without an answer why, because they don't know they are suffering for their grandparents sins.

We've had to fight every step of the way, for every fucking dollar, for every fucking meal. There was nothing that was not a battle, that was not a war.

We've had to fight nearly to death to break the transgenerational trauma cycle.

We've had to guide them growing up in a world unfamiliar to us; guide them as parents who never had the fucking blueprint, who never had a parental example to follow.

We've raised them mostly, or often completely alone. There was no village. ...Because their grandparents weren't around, or their aunts and uncles weren't around, because everything about the way we were raised was against close family ties, and the fucking one wife vision, where nobody was responsible for anyone, where we weren't taught to hold each other up as a family, to gather in support for each other when one is wounded or struggling.

We've watched our babies grow to teens, then to young adults and cheered them on with pride and love and happiness. We brought down the sky to give them all the experiences, education, and opportunities denied to us.

We celebrate the childhood we could give them with elation, then quietly visit the place ours was laid to rest so long ago.

Every one of us knows how fragile life is, in a way most will never have to know.

Every one of us would jump back into the ring before we finished our next breath to keep our kids from what we live with every day.

We are warrior moms, we are badass moms, and we are cult survivor moms.

Motherhood is different for us.

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