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The Unmarked Place

Dedicated to those who will always hold a space for their lost loves, and only find them again in their tears.

The place you lay in my heart



even though the passing time taunts me.

I call you back to that place, that place


a banshee under the night sky

calling you, seeking you


I press my soles against the waves and wait for their rhythm

to call you back again.

In this place

I cannot hear you.

I push my fingertips deep into soil and seek your bloom

to bring you back again.

In this place

I do not feel you.

The little piano girl, with her ivory skin and cheeks of glaze

watches me

like I watch her.

I strain for the music she plays

but does not share.

In this place

I cannot reach you.

The day you left, and grief walked in

was the last day I knew you


Time will ease the pain, so I am told,

but I don’t want my pain

to stop.

Stopping means forgetting and forgetting means fading.

In that moment I will have lost you


So allow me, when salt runs against my lips

to have a place I hold you, a place


Fragments of my heart drift through caverns

that sorrow built

here, where I hold you.

My tears are where you live now

In the well of my night sky

here, never without you

no matter how many moons

come again.

Soles in sand, hearth in hand

I promised

to keep you, to hold you

long after

Mother earth reclaimed what is hers.

I know

you are not here

just as the stars are not


Still their light twinkles sonnets in the night sky.

I look,

enraptured by their beauty, all the while

I know

it was long, long ago they sang their dying song.


this is how you are here

with me

always and now

you are stars to me

the light I still see

long after you have gone.

My stars

in my night sky

my lovely, laughing stars

seen only

in the welling of my tears.

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